If, sadly a parishioner dies, a family member should contact the priest so that he will make arrangements to visit you as soon as possible. It is appropriate, after contacting the priest, to contact the funeral director of your choice to arrange other details.

The funeral director will always contact the presbytery to check on or to arrange a time for the funeral Mass or for prayers. For a Catholic, it is normal that the family and friends would celebrate a funeral Mass and we would like to able to offer you the opportunity to take part in preparing the Funeral Mass, including selecting the readings and perhaps nominating someone to proclaim the Word of God at the Mass.

Although there is no fee, it has become customary for people to make an offering/donation on the occasion of a funeral. The funeral directors may ask for a clergy fee. Please tell them that you will make your own arrangements about this.

If you have any enquires, please contact the Parish Office on 9543 2677.

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