Acolyte Ministry

The ministry of Acolyte is an instituted ministry of the Church and admission to the ministry is by invitation from the Parish Priest. The ministry at Holy Family Menai is currently open to men.

Candidates for the ministry usually have previous experience as server/senior server and have displayed a strong visible commitment to their faith and service to the parish community.

Prior to joining the ministry candidates are required to undertake a training course set down by the Archdiocese and are Instituted to the Ministry by the Archbishop/Bishop. An Acolyte is usually appointed to the Ministry for life however the Archbishop reserves the right to withdraw the faculty of service at any time. The Ministry is not an ordained ministry but is the highest of the lesser ministries.  A current Working with Children clearance is required.

The role of acolyte is to assist the priest at Mass and to supervise the altar servers and Special Ministers of Communion in the smooth and dignified functioning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist and other Liturgies. The Acolyte also preforms the role of Special Minister of Communion to distribute Communion to the faithful during Mass. The role may also extend to taking Communion to the Sick.

At Holy Family Menai a number of the Acolytes are also trained to preside over Communion Services including the Liturgy of the Word when the Priest is absent on leave etc., usually on weekdays. The role may also extend to training of Altar Serves and other lesser ministries.
The Ministry is a very important ministry in the modern church.

Contact Phil Collins

Altar Server Ministry

The ministry of altar sever is open to all young people who have made their First Reconciliation and First Communion. At Holy Family Menai we invite young people to join the ministry towards the end of the year in which they have received their First Holy Communion. The additional few months since the Sacrament gives the young people the chance to begin to know Jesus and develop a desire to serve on the altar. The ministry is open to both boys and girls. It is important the server have a commitment to serve in a respectful and devoted manner.

The application form must be completed by the parents, in consultation with their child, and by signing the form parents agree to support their child in the ministry. Training for the ministry usually takes three half hour sessions on Friday before school commences. The training is provided by the priest and/or the acolyte team.  Training is ongoing once the children join the ministry roster. Servers, and families, are asked to commit to serving at least once per month at a particular Mass on a particular weekend.

Depending on roster availability, opportunities to serve more than once per month may be available. Servers are also encouraged to make themselves available for special Masses such as Confirmation, Christmas, etc.  Severs are encouraged to continue to serve well into their teens but can serve for as long as they desire.

It is an important ministry in the Liturgy of the Eucharist and experienced servers can make a great contribution to the dignity and function of the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Contact Phil Collins

Adult Faith Education Team

Jesus’ disciples said to him, “Rabbi eat!”

But he said to them, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.” (John 4:31-32)

The Adult Faith Education Team developed in the wake of the Alpha Program at Holy Family Parish when the need for ongoing faith formation was identified. The Jesus Lifestyle program was the first series run by some members of the team, while other members have run various parenting programs.

A series of inspiring and knowledgeable guest speakers and lecturers, such as Sr Marie Biddle RSJ, Mr Robert Haddad and Mr Laurie Woods, have given teaching days in the Parish meeting rooms on various gospels as a result of the team’s work. Our aim is to draw from the great wealth of spirituality, scriptural understanding and transformative life experience present in the Catholic Church and to offer this spiritual nourishment in the local area to all those who would like to come. We would love other parish members to join the team in providing special times of inspiration and learning to cater to the needs of the parish.

If you would like to join us please contact the Parish office: or ring Andrea 9543 2677

Aged Care

Holy Communion is offered to all Catholics in residence at Sir Thomas Mitchell Aged Care Facility and Barden Lodge Aged Care Facility each Sunday morning of the month. Offering of Holy Communion to residents of each facility is co-ordinated by a two month roster with one/two volunteers ministering to the Catholic residents who usually number around 35.

New volunteers are sourced when vacancies occur and training is done on the job. A residents list is sourced and given to a volunteer each week. Currently there are 13 volunteers and more are always needed.

For roster and volunteer training, contact:


The Catechists take our faith to the Catholic children attending NSW government schools by teaching one 30 minute lesson per week. Classes are from kindergarten to year 6 and include all six primary schools in the Menai, Bangor, Lucas Heights and Illawong area. Catechists teach their lessons using a Teacher’s Manual and all students have a workbook which minimises preparation time. Practical support and extensive training is provided to all beginning Catechists and on-going training is also available to the more experienced. The Holy Family Catechists meet formally 2 – 3 times a year, however there is ample opportunity to meet informally many times throughout the year.

Being a Catechist is a wonderful way to demonstrate faith in action. No special skills required and no age limit! We have university students and grandparents on our Catechist team. If interested, please contact Terri Casey (Catechist Co-ordinator) on 0409 390 829 or 9543 1106. Alternatively you can email –



Children's (Choir/Singing) Group

The Children's Singing Group came about when the members of the former Youth singers began to pull out of the group in 2013. Three youngsters from Year 3 started to sing with the Youth singers and continue to sing with the group today. From the initial size of three members, the group is now sixteen strong and has grown through word of mouth; with the youngest member now in Year 2 and the oldest in Year 9.


It was a desire to get children and younger members of the parish involved in singing at Mass that prompted this initiative. Through music and singing we wanted to enrich the Mass experience of not only the children who are part of the group, but also their peers and the congregation. We also hope that by having youngsters singing at Mass, it would encourage other children to attend Mass.

The music we sing ranges from traditional to contemporary. The next phase is to teach the more musical members of the group to play some of the songs that we sing. It is encouraging to note that the youngsters are rising to the challenge. Contact Sue Low

Children’s Liturgy

Children's Liturgy occurs every Sunday (except for the 5th Sunday of the month) at 8.30am Mass. The children gather in the meeting room after Father has welcomed everyone to the Mass. The children listen to the readings, have a discussion about whatthe readings and the gospel are about, then complete an activity based on the Sunday readings.

The group has been established for over 15 years and run by six dedicated team members. Anyone who is interested in joining the group and taking on a role in Children's Liturgy is very welcome! In this instance, a working with Children must first be completed and sent to the Parish Office.

If interested please contact Loretta Simeoni 


Holy Family Choir was formed in 1995 under the directorship of Peter Olde at the personal request of Fr Denis Foley, Parish Priest. We began by calling for volunteers from the Parish and by extending invitations to known individuals. Shortly thereafter, we had an established 4-part choir of 10 people singing music at one Mass per month. This was soon extended to around 30 people singing twice a month, as well as at major feasts such as Easter and Christmas, and major parish liturgical events such as First Communion and Confirmation. We also perform on Anzac Day. The size and commitment of the choir to these events remains about the same today. The Parish is extremely proud of the choir and the quality of the music it presents. There is little doubt that it is one of the best parish choirs in the Sydney diocese.

The aim of the choir is to present quality music to enhance liturgy. To that end we are seeking committed music lovers to join and participate in the choir activities. The choir also acts loosely as a Family or Support Group to its members. We rehearse approximately once a week on average and we are looking for people who can sing or would like to learn. New participants are not expected to have a knowledge of any music but some skills are an advantage. Although we sing harmonies in parts, the sopranos generally always sing the tune. Choristers are expected to attend most rehearsals and liturgical events.

Musicians who can accompany the singing are also welcome, particularly in the instruments that combine with choral singing (piano/organ, violin, flute, cello). Drums and brass are not suited to our style.

Choir singing is suited to anyone who has a little time and joy in their heart. You may not know much when you join but every week you will be singing a new song in the shower, or humming at work. Music is uplifting and spiritually refreshing to the individuals who participate and commit. The members of the choir are welcoming and tolerant of all.

It should be mentioned that Choir occasionally undertakes tours (Italy, France and New Zealand) and we have sung in other places (St Mary’s Cathedral, War Memorial Hyde Park, various other parishes such as Revesby).

Contact Peter Olde


Christian Meditation

The group commenced in 2004 and meets weekly on Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Church meeting room. Usually there are 5–8 attending.

In sharing the teaching of Christian Meditation, we explain the practice of how and why we meditate. We commence with a short reading from Fr.John Main OSB, followed by opening prayer, 20 minutes silent meditation and conclude with closing prayer. There is time for general discussion and explaining aspects of the practice.

The aim in Christian meditation is to allow God’s mysterious and silent presence within us, to become the reality in our lives; to let it become that reality which gives meaning, shape and purpose to everything we do, to everything we are.

Beginners are always welcome. 


Robyn: 0404 280 281
Maria:  0412 928 002

Copyright Co-ordinator     

The vast amount of music that is sung in the Parish, is required to be reported to Word of Life International (WOL) or Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) so that royalties can be paid to the composers of the music. This then allows the words of the hymns to be printed or displayed on the overhead. Original Music in the form of paper copies or CD’s must be held for each hymn/mass part, played or sung in the Church, and these licences allow one photocopied copy only per one original copy of music i.e. 20 people in a group need 10 originals and can have 10 photocopies as a result (New Rules 2015) . 

The number of people at Mass is tallied each week and that number accorded to the hymn e.g. 216 people at 8.30 am Mass 5th January sang “Amazing Grace” and so on. The full amount of hymns/mass parts played/sung and congregation numbers is reported yearly to Word of Life Internationalby myself and on a weekly basis to Christian Copyright Licensing International by those musicians who use hymns covered by CCLI.  This voluntary job has been a legal requirement in the Parish for 26 years and looked after by myself.  Licensing enquiries and reporting enquires about both Licensing Authorities can be addressed to,  Angela Benson:

Craft Group


Our group commenced in August 2009, over the years we have conducted classes with Year 10 Aquinas students and also with residents of The Warena Gardens Aged Care Facility helping them to sew Christmas decorations. We have also made and delivered Christmas decorations to two nursing homes.

Twice a year we host morning tea for members of The Holy Family Parish.  ALL ARE WELCOME.

We run a stall at the school fete and also after many of the Sunday Masses, raising money to purchase Father’s chair on the altar (sanctuary), adjustments were made to the old chair, cushions on the benches were replaced, and alterations were made to the overhead desk and chair.

Currently we are knitting and crocheting rugs for various projects in our parish. Donations of 8 ply acrylic wool would be appreciated; they can be left on the table in the church foyer.

Our meetings are held during the school term on Wednesday mornings from 10.15am-11.45am in the church meeting room.

We have approx. 12 members, not all can attend our meetings but kindly knit for us in their homes. 

We welcome new members, if interested please contact Anne Northmore on 95433162 or on mobile 0407906475 or email

Family Groups

The Family Group Movement was established by Fr Peter McGrath who was based at St Anthony in the Fields Parish in Terrey Hills in the early 1970s. Family Groups have proved to be a popular concept with over 400 parishes involved including Anglican, Baptist and Uniting Churches in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Family Groups have been in Holy Family parish for 30+ years with the original groups still going strong.
So what is a Family Group? A Family Group isa collection of families who meet socially on a regular basis. Meetings can be picnic, barbecues or weekends away. The nature of the meetings is generally determined by the age of kids or the interests of the group. When my group first formed, we would often meet at a local park for the kids to play, but as the kids have grown older, this has changed to bush walking or the parents having a night out.

Within Holy Family, Family Groups have shown to be a good way to meet other parishioners that can develop into long term friendships.

Family Groups are open to all members of Holy Family Parish. For further information, please contact John and Susanne Rickert on9543 9148 or

Parish Family Mass Group

The Parish Family Mass Group was established in February 2016, in response to a desire to see increased attendance by young families at Mass and also provide a vehicle for greater involvement by our ‘young’ parishioners.

The Family Mass is one where young families (from all schools in the Parish) are invited to celebrate the Sunday morning Mass. The welcome, music, and message (homily)  target our primary aged children.  The songs are children’s hymns led by a children’s choir and children are part of all the Mass ministries (reading, procession, offertory, instruments, singing, welcoming).

Parish Family Masses are followed by a BBQ, sweet morning tea, jumping castle, games on the netball courts and face painting for the kids, giving our young and older parishioners an opportunity to gather, meet new people and reconnect with others in our Parish community.


The Family Mass Group meet to plan the Family Mass and the gathering once per term. We currently have 13 people in the group, each participating in some part of the Mass and/or gathering including catering, advertising, entertainment, music, face painting, morning tea, BBQ, planning with Fr Mani (themes and message). 

If you are interested in building our young Parish community through the Family Mass, please contact Louise Perrau, 0402043262 or


Italian Rosary Group

The Italian Rosary Group meets once a month in each others’ homes for Rosary, morning tea and a chat.  During Lent we meet once a week for the Lenten programme in Italian. Also during Lent we run the Stations Of The Cross in Italian every Friday at 7.30pm in the Church.

We welcome new members.

Please contact Tina Pellegrino on 9543 3891 or Emma Gioiello at

Limitless Music Group

An offshoot of the Holy Family Youth Movement, Limitless is a band comprising high school students and young adults. Limitless comes together to facilitate worship in the Mass (the source and summit of our lives) and Mercy Nights (evenings of personal encounter with Christ). Limitless seeks to use the beauty of music to raise people’s minds to the contemplation of God's love and goodness. The group practices weekly and plays youth masses monthly. Please contact the youth movement if you are interested in getting involved.

Please contact, message us on social media or contact James on 0431529463.

Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Group liaises with Father Mani to ensure that the presentation of the weekly masses and all the decorations in the church are in line with the church's seasons andcelebrations timetable. It has been meeting since the parish started. Meetings are held about every two months but extra meetings and working bees around Christmas and Easter especially are required to meet the workload.

Special events, especially Easter and Christmas, require extra effort. Also, extra volunteers need to be found for roles in these celebrations. Confirmation and Holy Communion are also big events that requires liaison with the Sacramental Programs coordinator Kathy Parsons and the schools. Connecting with other parish groups at these times in particular readers /musicians/ and Acolytes and Altar servers are roles that link to the Liturgy group as well.

Currently, there are five active members plus Father Mani; many long-serving members have participated in the past and at present.Lorraine Cloney organizes weekly rosters for readers and Special Ministers of Holy Communion; Phil Collins organizes rosters for Acolytes & Altar servers; Annette Robertson organizes rosters for the Musicians; andLynette Overton and Veronica Leva look after the banners and church decorations with the help of other volunteers from this committee and outside it.

Contact Lorraine Cloney (H) 95434319Mobile 0403872916 / emails to



The members of the small Holy Family Money Counting teams are rostered once every 8 weeks to count the collections taken up at Sunday Masses and to prepare this income for banking. They also count or assist in counting the various special collections that are taken up during the year such as Charitable Works Fund, Project Compassion and the Holy Father's Appeal.

Contact John Van Vliet -


The Music Ministry utilises a diverse range of musical styles and talents that enhance the Liturgy.  Through participation in music, Ministers assist the congregation to give praise and glory to God.  Most weekend Masses are regularly covered with musicians ranging from the 4-part vocal Parish Choir to small groups and individuals, singing and playing various instruments including keyboard and guitar.   A significant commitment is required from music ministers, whether it be preparing programs for Masses and other liturgical celebrations, or practising, either individually or in groups. 

The Parish Choir has a regular rehearsal commitment on Thursday evening in the Church from 7.30 - 9.00pm; other groups rehearse at different times and venues.  Currently, the Youth Minister is encouraging young people to form a Youth Music Group who have begun assisting at weekend Masses.

If you are interested in joining any music group, please contact Annette Robertson (0412 085 468 and/or who will direct your details to the appropriate group.


Parish Care

Contact Anne McLachlan

Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is required to be active under church law, as Canon 537 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law mandates the establishment of a Parish Finance Committee. At Holy Family parish, the functions of the committee are as follows:


  • Review of annual parish finance report prior to submission to Chancery
  • Periodic review of Parish finances (Income & Expenditure) comparing items to budget & PY
  • Assist Parish Priest with preparation of an annual financial plan (budget)
  • Guidance as necessary to parish office staff with preparation of annual & periodic financial reports
  • Review of all insurances & other associated risk analysis
  • Develop process for & controls over acquisition of goods & services, and develop list of approved providers/suppliers to the parish

Long Term

  • Development of long term strategic plan
  • Review of Church assets as to appropriate usage & to plan for capital expenditures and retirements
  • Review of any existing lease arrangements & review appropriateness of any proposed new leasing arrangements
  • Review of parish loans, maturity dates, servicing obligations etc

Finance committee contact person: John Burt

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council’s role is to advise the Parish Priest; to act as a sounding board for his ideas and to reflect community views, in keeping with the Spirit and the vision of Holy Family Parish, namely, Living and Sharing the Christian Life. Membership is by invitation from the Parish Priest, drawn from existing parish groups or from the general parish community.

The aim is to nurture growth within the parish of Menai in following Gospel values and to support the parish family – both schools and general laity, especially volunteers in the various parish groups.
The Pastoral Council meets once a month (usually on the second or third Tuesday) where ideas are crystallised and future events planned. 
Members provide hands-on assistance, or work with other sub-committees that in turn recruit more volunteers to help. Recent successful events organised have included, for example, a Multicultural Food Festival held every few years; the Alpha program run over several weeks; expert half-day talks on the Gospels of Mark and Luke on a Saturday.

The current ongoing thrust is to encourage participation through Family Masses and engage the youth; also to support the vision of the Archdiocese towards Parish 2020. For information, please contact the Council Chairman Collin Rozario


Piety Stall

The Piety Stall provides a convenient and well-stocked retail outlet for parishioners to purchase bibles, crucifixes and many other items, either for personal use or as gifts for special occasions such as first communions, baptisms and the like. It operates after each Mass, and proceeds of the stall are directed into the parish finances.

Contact Roslyn Burt


This group, which began in early 2007, is responsible for PowerPoint presentations for all Masses. The group has archived some 600 Hymns, as well as all Masses. Archives include all “Special Masses Special Celebrations” dating back to 2007 (although, because of the changes to format and prayers which occurred in 2011, the older, normal-time Masses have been deleted from the archives). This group liaises between musicians and preparers to ensure that the PowerPoint presentations are accurate for each Mass.

Contact Elisabeth Ward

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Group

The RCIA Group is responsible for the process by which individuals who are interested in the Catholic faith learn about what is involved in becoming a Catholic. The program also allows existing Catholics to learn more about and strengthen their faith. The process is conducted through a faith journey called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Participants are assisted by a sponsor who represents the Parish faith community in providing support, information, and by being their partner at group meetings.

The program starts each year around August with several enquiry nights when you can sit in, hear some people talk about what being Catholic means to them. People who are considering the RCIA process are invited at these enquiry nights to ask questions and decide whether or not to take part in the program. The program then takes place one evening a week from September to Easter with several breaks, including during the Christmas school holidays.

Contact Angela Benson; Keith Corbett 9543 0065; or the Parish Office 9543 2677.


Rosary Group


The rosary group has a small but dedicated number of active participants. It began in the early 1990s, as a prayerful response to a severe head injury which a local child suffered as a result of a car accident. The group prayed for his recovery. Today, the group maintains a rosary list which includes many others who are sick and in need of prayers.

The group meets on Monday nights at 7pm in the chapel. Rosary takes about 30 minutes.

The group does not meet in school holidays and the Christmas holiday period. Sometimes the group doesn't hold rosary if numbers are too low or if people can't attend for a particular reason.

The rosary group is a friendly bunch, and welcomes any and all who are interested. Please contact Anne Newman via her email or her mobile 0400007179.

St Vincent de Paul Conference, Menai

Provides non-denominational assistance to families and individuals. Assistance can be in the form of food vouchers, cash and general support ie: utility bills, assistance in job training, homelessness, school needs, referrals for finance or health counselling. The conference has been active in the Menai District for over 40 years and currently distributes over $20,000 each year. New members are always needed and welcomed to carry out this rewarding ministry. Membership involves attending two meetings a month and assisting our twelve members with home visits when available.

For enquiries, contact Robert Van Den Nouwelant on 0417283819.

Sir Thomas Mitchell Aged Care Facility – Communion Ministers

Holy Communion is offered to all Catholics in residence at this facility each Sunday morning of the month. It is coordinated by a two-month roster with one/two volunteers ministering to the Catholic residents who usually number around 35. New volunteers are sourced when vacancies occur and training is done on the job. A residents list is sourced and given to a volunteer each week. Currently there are 13 volunteers and more are always needed.

Contact for Roster and Volunteer Training is Angela Benson:

Schoenstatt Movement of Mary

This movement has been in the parish since Father Denis began Schoenstatt Mothers,  a Men’s, and a Family Group in the parish. Several people in the parish still have an affiliation with each other due to their involvement in the groups or the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate. Any information concerning these type of groups,  programs, masses at the Mulgoa Shrine, the Sydney home of the Movement, or the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate can be obtained from Angela Benson, Co-ordinator of the Mothers Groups, presently in a state of reformation here in Menai.

Contact person:  Angela Benson

Social Justice Group


The Holy Family Social Justice Group aims to raise awareness of social justice issues relevant to our world today and to promote actions that in some way make a difference and /or join in solidarity with larger networks working in these areas. An example of this from 2015 was joining with the Sydney Alliance and organising a new conversation with Asylum Seekers. This involved two young asylum seekers sharing their stories at a weekend Masses, followed by a workshop led by an expert from the Sydney Alliance. Meeting the Asylum Seekers has been a rewarding experience for us all.

In 2016 the Group invited a guest speaker from Australian Catholic Earthcare to run a workshop on Pope Francis encyclical Laudato Si (caring for our common home) . Each year we collect basic items for the Asylum Seekers Centre before Christmas. Aquinas College also has an appeal and their students and our group also provide lunch for the clients at the Centre.

The Group has been operating for over 10 years and is always keen to welcome new members, especially youth who may be interested in joining in with even one activity . The Group meets about four times a year. Each time it meets for a specific purpose so this is not a time-consuming activity. Enquiries: Frances D'Ambra

Wednesday Morning Bible Study (women only)

This group has been in existence since July 2008 as a result of a Parish Council initiative to grow more groups based on parishioner needs in the Parish. Originallythere were two groups however the mixed group with men in it and which met at night did not further itself. The daytime group consistently has had seven women and consequently settled into a ‘women’s only’ group. The Craft Group grew out of this group as new people arrived with an additional or different need. One could say they compare as Action/Reflection groups. Predominantly study has been guided by the ‘Lifestyle’ series of books which deal with individual books/sections of the Bible and much discussion, laughter and tears are features of a session, (necessitating a tenet of ‘what goes on in the room stays in the room’) .

These sessions are held each Wednesday morning from 9.15am to 10.15am, school terms only. The group has an ‘Open Door’ policy so anyone (perhaps I should say woman) who wishes to joinis welcome.

Enquiries: Angela Benson:


World Youth Day Group

 “Blessed be the merciful for they shall receive mercy”  Matthew 5:7

Between July 16 and August 7, 2016, approximately 660 staff and students from Sydney Catholic Schools attended WYD in Krakow, Poland; the homeland of WYD founder, Pope John Paul II. Aquinas Catholic College had twelve pilgrims from year 10 and year 11; Holly Tapia, Clare Plowman, Aidan Puse, Michael Monk, Tara Gourlay, Hailey Cooper, Olivia Clark, Abby Catalano, Olivia O’Neil, Alexandra Morton, Thomas Crelley and Greyson Si and three staff members; Miss Jessica Flegg (Pilgrim Group Leader) Mr Robert Nastasi (Bus Group Leader) and I embarked on this once in a lifetime pilgrimage.

Bus 14 embarked on the Saints of Italy pilgrimage, walking in the footsteps of the Saints of the Church, with a particular focus on the holy cathedrals and churches of Florence, Sienna, Assisi and Rome. During the pilgrimage, bus 14 had the opportunity for daily mass with our bus chaplain- Father Daniel McCaughan, our spiritual guide throughout the pilgrimage allowing bus 14 to come together as a community and family.

WYD week in Krakow was a stunning experience of the worldwide church gathering in celebration and prayer. The Sydney Catholic Schools WYD pilgrims were swept up in the colour, joy and vibrancy of the week through the formal events, as well as the many informal festival gatherings throughout the city of Krakow. From the opening mass of approximately one million pilgrims in Blonia Park to the final mass of around three million at campus misericordiae, our pilgrims entered into the spirit of the week with great enthusiasm, openness and resilience.  The WYD pilgrimage concluded with a retreat within the mountains of Zakopane – a place of retreat often used by Pope John Paul II. This was a time of rest, prayer and reflection for pilgrims to begin to absorb and understand their WYD experiences.

Finally, on behalf of all the pilgrims I think I can say, that the World Youth Day journey has been an enriching and life changing experience for all that were blessed to have the opportunity to embark on. An experience that is difficult to put into words.

Contact Catherine Kilzi


Youth Movement

The Holy Family Youth Movement (HFYM) is an initiative born in Menai which seeks to bring the hope of the Gospel to young people embodying the words of Pope Benedict XVI:

“The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”

The movement seeks to ignite renewal of the entire Parish through the vigour of the youth in connection with the Australian Church in the spirit of World Youth Day.

Current initatives include:

  • PROCLAIM Youth Group – established late 2015 – runs fortnightly including games, free food, catechesis, quality banter and brilliant community.
  • Limitless Band – a 2017 initiative we run youth masses monthly and mercy nights throughout the year. Practice is weekly.

Many more great initiatives include mercy nights, youth camps, a Pentecost rally and young adults activities.

If interested in anything or want more information, please contact: