The sacrament of Baptism, the gateway to the Sacraments and necessary for salvation by actual reception or at least by desire, is validly conferred only by a washing of true water with the proper form of words. Through Baptism men and women are freed from sin, are reborn as Children of God, and, configured to Christ by an indelible character, are incorporated into the Church. (Can. 849).

  • The essential rite of this sacrament consists in immersing the candidate in water or pouring water over his or her head while invoking the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • Everyone who is to be baptised is required to make a profession of faith. This is done personally in the case of an adult or by the parents and by the Church in the case of infants.


Baptism is a gift that Jesus gave to the Church by which we experience the life that he gained for us by his death and resurrection. Baptism of infants is encouraged because by it, parents are showing their desire that their child should share in all that is important to them. It is the beginning of the child’s initiation into the family of the Church, the Body of Christ.

Please see Baptism Information Booklet & Baptism Enrolment Form for more information.

Please contact Andrea Hunt in the Parish Office on 9543 2677 or at least six weeks before the desired date so that we may advise you on how the programme works.

Infant baptisms are currently being held every Sunday at 11:15am, after 10am Mass. Except during Lent. 

Our Church is currently undergoing renovations, baptisms will be held up in our John Paul II hall until completion.

Baptism donations can be made using our QR Code


Adults wishing to be baptised need to be aware that a preparation time is normal. Adult preparation takes place through Rite of Christian Initiation Adults.

This is a process whereby adults wish to join the Catholic Faith. It is for anyone who is unbaptised or converting from another Christian faith.

The process generally lasts for 8 – 9 months, culminating at the Easter Saturday Vigil after weekly meetings.


Keith Corbett – 0400 423 713
Angela Benson – 8502 9260

baptism certificates

Certificates are usually given at the time of Baptism. Certificates are needed for enrolment in a Catholic School and for admission to First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Recent copies are needed at the time of Marriage. To obtain a copy of a Baptism Certificate, contact the parish where you where baptised.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, 

baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”

- Matthew 28:19 -