Schoenstatt Mothers Group

The Schoenstatt Mothers are part of the worldwide Schoenstatt Marian Movement located at Mulgoa. The aim of the group is to meet bi-yearly in the parish mainly for a social gathering and to meet at Schoenstatt for events put on by the Movement. Inspiration and study material for the group is via a magazine, which is printed quarterly and passed around between members of the group. New groups can be started in the parish and are usually inspired by someone wanting to work with the tenet "To be an image of Mary in the World".

A common question asked of the group is about  another aspect of the Movement, that is the Pilgrim Mother Statue. A co-ordinator takes responsibility for the statue, creates a group of neighbours in their suburb and ensures the statue moves from house to house . The purpose is to encourage prayer in families.


  • Angela Benson - 8502 9260