All those planning to marry should contact the Parish Office at least six months before the intended date. Ensuring that the Church is booked before you finalise a reception venue can save embarrassment.

Wedding bookings will be accepted where at least one of the couple is a parishioner or has some significant involvement with the Parish.

Archdiocesan instructions are that while reasonable requests should not be refused, a priest is under no obligation to accept a wedding where neither partner has a connection with the parish.

Attendance at a Regional School, which may be on the premises of any Parish, is not seen, of itself, as setting up a connection with a Parish.

Couples whose wedding is booked at Holy Family will be strongly encouraged to attend an approved Marriage Preparation Course, and as well, to meet several times with the priest who will be celebrating their wedding.

Weddings can normally be booked for any day of the week. Sundays can pose problems so if it seems necessary to have your wedding on a Sunday it is best to discuss it with the priest.